Pros and Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets

Today, there are many different color options for those who want to renovate a kitchen or have a new kitchen built. Of course, this diversity means a great wealth in terms of decoration, but it is a fact that it sometimes confuses the homeowners. Most people have a hard time choosing the color of their kitchen cabinets.

Although white is one of the first colors to be considered in home furniture and decoration, it is often not preferred due to cleanliness concerns. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, are these white kitchen cabinets handy? It brings to mind the question. White is a color that can be used easily in every room of the house and will make the area where it is used more spacious. For this reason, it is often preferred as small kitchen decor ideas to show the kitchen more spacious. In the new kitchen decoration, white color is used in combination with different color tones, and a modern and aesthetic kitchen design is made.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of white kitchens? Let’s examine it together.

What are the 5 pros and 5 cons of White kitchen cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets are an advantageous cabinet color. However, there are some disadvantages of white kitchen cabinets. Today we will examine the 5 pros and 5 cons of White kitchen cabinets with you.

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Pros of White Kitchen Cabinets

  1. White Kitchen Cabinet for Spacious Kitchens

Prefer White Cabinets for Spacious Kitchens. Whether white kitchen cabinets are used alone or combined with a second color, they are perfect for making your kitchen look brighter and therefore more spacious. Preferring large cabinets with white color also contributes to your kitchen to gain a spacious appearance. Since white cabinets can adapt to any color and pattern, it provides convenience in choosing tiles and countertops. The tiles chosen especially in bright tones together with white will add sparkle to your kitchen.

  1. White kitchen cabinets can be matched with any color.

Considering the long-term, white cabinets create a space of freedom for you when you get bored with the decoration of your kitchen and want to change it. You can easily change the atmosphere of your kitchen, even with a small touch, as the compatibility of white will cause the cabinets to easily harmonize with different colored tables, carpets, and various decorative objects.

  1. The Color of Cleanliness is White

It should also be noted that the white color shows the stains on the cabinets less than other colors. This is a great advantage for kitchen cabinets that are used very often during the day, so finger stains and watermarks will not be missing. When choosing cabinet doors, if glossy materials such as acrylic or high gloss and at the same time very easy to clean are preferred, there will be almost no problems in cleaning the cabinets. It should be noted here that the lower cabinets are more polluted than the upper cabinets. For this reason, if the bottom and top are thought to be combined in different colors, white comes first among the colors to be considered for the lower cabinets.

  1. White kitchen cabinets do not show scratches.

Furniture and cabinets are very likely to get scratched, especially in homes with small children. The white kitchen cabinet can be a reason for preference in terms of not showing the scratches. To prevent this, cabinet doors made of scratch-resistant materials available in the market can also be preferred.

  1. White kitchen cabinets add value to your home.

White kitchen cabinets present the kitchen in a more modern and stylish way. Therefore, when you sell your house, white kitchen cabinets are presented to buyers with a more interesting and aesthetic design. In addition, white is a timeless color and has a tone that will adapt to every year’s fashion. That’s why white kitchen cabinets will never go out of style. It can be preferred with peace of mind and increases the value of your home.

Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets

  1. White kitchen cabinets show the dirt.

Since white is a light-toned color, it can easily show dirt. That’s why you should do regular cleaning when buying white kitchen cabinets. Although white kitchen cabinets add a very stylish and aesthetic value to your kitchen, it is a disadvantage that they show dirt. However, when it is cleaned regularly, it will not lose anything from its elegance.

  1. White kitchen cabinets can turn yellow over time.

White kitchen cabinets may turn yellow over time if they are made of poor-quality material. Therefore, high-quality and anti-yellowing varnish should be used during the polishing phase of white kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets can be used for a longer life by making a coating that is resistant to UV rays.

  1. White kitchen cabinets can be very plain.

Do you want your kitchen to be stylish, but the white color seems too plain for you? To prevent this, white kitchen cabinets can be combined with different colors. Today, among the popular kitchen cabinet colors, gray and its tones are frequently used. You can also combine white cabinets with different colored white goods or accessories to prevent the cold air of white.

  1. The tone of white is a very important detail for the elegance of the cabinets.

White color can be found in many different shades. In particular, there is a great difference between matte and glossy white colors. Bright white is generally preferred in kitchens. Glossy white kitchen cabinets look much more stylish and aesthetic. Matte white makes the kitchen look dull. Therefore, you can eliminate this disadvantage by choosing a bright and fresh tone of white.

  1. White can tire the eye and reflect too much light.

Although white kitchen cabinets are fascinating, being exposed to too much white can be eye-straining. Therefore, when choosing white kitchen cabinets, you can avoid being exposed to too much white by combining with different colors.


Although white kitchen cabinets have minor disadvantages, it is obvious that they are very advantageous and stylish in general. Therefore, first of all, when choosing white kitchen cabinets, make sure that they are made of quality material. Then, when the cleaning is done regularly, the white kitchen cabinets will serve the kitchen decoration for many years.

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Are White kitchen cabinets high maintenance?

White is one of the most popular colors. It is among the colors that we use most in decoration. We recommend using it in cabinets both in the living room and in the kitchen. White should be used with caution. It can give great results if used in the right proportions. While white represents simplicity, it also helps you achieve a beautiful decoration by revealing the color of your other household items. White kitchen cabinets are very easy to maintain when cleaned regularly. A quality white kitchen cabinet does not require high maintenance as it is easy to clean.

How to decorate the white kitchen cabinet?

If you are using white kitchen cabinets, you can make your countertop a different color and choose your kitchen utensils predominantly gray and metal. You should try the harmony of white and gray. It will be much more efficient if it has a good color as a friend besides white. If you want to use white kitchen cabinets, choosing a different color for the doors will give you an advantage. The covers can be gray, navy blue, or any other matching color that you like. It will be an advantage for you that white is compatible with many colors.