Taylor White

Our Taylor White line provides style, function, full overlay, and soft-close doors at a price point that’s easy on your wallet. Taylor drawer boxes can be upgraded to full extension, soft-close doors and drawers to prevent slamming, and with dovetail extension.

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When we say classic kitchen and bathroom understanding, most of us think of flashy accessories, bright colors and sparkling patterns. While partially true, white is indispensable in kitchens and bathrooms. Classic white kitchen and bathroom designs have stood the test of time over the years. You can have timeless cabinet models with Taylor White.

white bath cabinet

  • Full overlay doors provide a seamless aesthetic
  • Soft-close doors and drawers prevent slamming
  • Dovetail drawer craftsman construction
  • Full extension drawers ensure easy access
  • Solid wood cabinet boxes and drawers provide exceptional durability
  • Premium Sherwin-Williams® finish delivers a lifetime of beauty
  • Full line of accessories and upgrades available

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