Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing kitchen cabinets

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The kitchen, which is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, has elements that need attention in its decoration. In the kitchen, where it is very important to appeal to the eye besides its use, it is necessary to be very careful when choosing a cabinet. The cabinets that occupy a large part of the kitchen should be aesthetic and functional. So what should be considered when choosing a kitchen cabinet?

Did you know that there are some details that you should pay attention to when choosing cabinets, which have an important place in kitchen decoration? Here are the things to consider when choosing a kitchen cabinet

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Now let’s examine how to choose the right kitchen cabinet.

Tips for Choosing Right Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Stock Kitchen Cabinets or Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

This should be the first question you ask before choosing your kitchen cabinet. First of all, we need to state this: Although the ready-made kitchen cabinets sound much more practical and easy, it limits you creatively. Besides the design; The choice of color, the material, and durability of the cabinet may also be limited or insufficient compared to the materials preferred in stock kitchen cabinets. The fact that all houses have different sizes can make ready-made kitchens a difficult option. Even though you can adapt some parts in ready-made kitchen cabinets, you may not always have the look promised in the design.

Another important point to note at this point is that it is compatible with white goods. After renovating your kitchen cabinets, if the gap you want to put your white goods in remains open or if it is not enough for your white goods, you may have to start all over again. For this reason, if you are going to buy a ready-made kitchen, you should take the measurements meticulously and compare them with the dimensions of the white goods. So what would your other option be? Of course, custom kitchen cabinets! These special designs that you can create for your own needs and taste; although it is more costly in the short run; In the next process, they can provide you with great advantages in terms of both appearance and functionality.

  1. Color selection in the kitchen cabinet

Whether it is ready-made or custom-designed kitchen cabinets, color selection is very critical for kitchen cabinets. If you want to create a spacious environment in your kitchen, you should choose light-colored kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets are very convenient in this respect. Kitchen cabinets in these tones make your kitchen look wider and offer a very spacious look. When it comes to kitchens, the most important detail is, of course, that your kitchen looks tidy. Kitchens preferred in light tones offer both a bright and tidy appearance. If white and beige are too plain for you, you can choose mink or wood tones. If you have a large kitchen, you can try darker colors. Especially black/gray cabinets or dark wood models will help you achieve the assertive look you are looking for.

  1. Width of Kitchen Cabinets

The third important point to consider before purchasing a kitchen cabinet is the width and usage patterns of the cabinets. Multi-section and drawer structures are of great importance in the cabinet models chosen in the kitchens. If your kitchen is not large and you cannot allocate a place to the so-called ‘kitchen island’ where meals are often prepared; Choose large cabinets with as much storage space as possible. However, it will not be enough for these cabinets to be wide enough. The wider the cabinets, the more items inside the cabinets will hold, so the inside of the cabinets must be durable. You should make sure that the materials of which the kitchen shelves and cabinets are made are capable of bearing this force.

  1. Aesthetics Appearance and Functionality

Kitchen cabinets are the furniture where we usually store many items. When choosing a kitchen cabinet, you should evaluate your existing space most accurately, apart from being aesthetic and stylish. For example, kitchen cabinets with shelves are usually at the top, and kitchen cabinets with drawers are at the bottom. When you want comfortable and functional use in your kitchen, you can make the space more effective by changing them. Mostly, kitchen cabinets with drawers are preferred as 3 or 4, but you can go different to be more organized.

  1. Pay attention to what material the kitchen cabinet is made of.

You want to use the furniture you bought for many years. Besides the way you use it, there is another thing that affects this: The material of the furniture you choose. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, the material you choose should be durable and resistant to water and humidity. So, what advantages and disadvantages does each material have?

  • Chipboard: Particleboard, which is preferred in the production of many home furniture, is formed by pressing melamine papers on the chipboard surface with high pressure. Particleboard, which is an economical material, is highly preferred in kitchen cabinets because it is waterproof and not affected by moisture.
  • MFDlam: MDFlam, which is formed by pressing melamine papers on the two surfaces of the chipboard with high pressure, is a material that is more prominent than chipboard, thanks to its structure that is less affected by water.
  • Solid wood: It is the material in which trees are made into cabinets by going through certain processes in factories and cutting into certain sizes. While it is a fairly durable option, it requires regular maintenance. Moreover, the durability status may vary depending on whether the tree species is resistant to water or not.

Although these three materials are generally used in the mainframe material, you may encounter different terms such as high gloss and acrylic in cover production. While the gloss is very high in high gloss covers, the intensity of the gloss is less in acrylic covers. Membrane cover, which is another cover option you may encounter, is a material that is obtained by adhering PVC surface material to MDF and can offer a variety of different patterns and colors.

Things to consider in the selection of skeleton and cover material; is to choose according to your budget, needs, and space. For example, a high gloss cabinet may not be suitable for country decoration, but it can be the perfect choice for a modern application where you want to make the kitchen look larger. Because the reflection of light from the glossy surface can make the area appear wider.

  1. Prefer a hinge with a braking system.

The closing speed of the drawers and doors in the kitchen cabinet is very important. You can choose hinges with a braking system. Preferring hinges with a braking system can make the cabinet more useful and longer-lasting.

  1. You should renew the plumbing under the kitchen cabinet.

When making kitchen cabinets, you need to pay attention to the electricity and plumbing. When making the cabinet, you should have the water and electrical installations by the project you prepared. Otherwise, it may not be compatible with the installation, especially when you buy a ready-made cabinet. For this reason, you should have the appropriate plumbing for the ready-made cabinet.

  1. Pay attention to the quality of the kitchen cabinet.

With the choice of very high-quality materials in the kitchen cabinet, you can be sure that the service life is significantly extended. In this way, it does not cause any deformation problem for many years. Since it has a more durable outer surface, it is not subject to breakage, deterioration, or deformation. Perhaps one of the points that creates the most question marks when buying ready-made kitchen cabinets is these quality standards. However, at this stage, you can be sure that your home’s furniture can meet the same standards as the general quality. The functionality it provides, the aesthetics it offers visually, and the durability that comes from quality materials mean you make the right choice.

  1. Pattern Selection in Kitchen Cabinets

Another alternative for kitchen cabinets is patterned products. You need to prioritize vibrant colors in patterned cabinets. However, it is useful not to highlight the patterns too much. Otherwise, it is possible to get an eye-catching result. Therefore, cabinets, where colors are the focus and patterns, are very lightly processed will provide you with better results.

  1. Prefer dirt-proof kitchen cabinets.

You will use your kitchen cabinets many times during the day. You will come into contact with the cabinets during the day and it will be a big problem for you if your fingerprints remain on the cabinet surface after each contact. Constantly wiping the cabinets means a serious workload, and for this reason, it is useful to turn to models that do not keep marks and stains.


As you can see, there are a lot of points to consider when choosing a kitchen cabinet. The quality, design, pattern, material, and color of kitchen cabinets are very important. At Fullstock Cabinets, we design the highest quality and functional kitchen cabinets for you. Check out our page now and meet the perfect kitchen cabinet designs.


How to choose the best kitchen cabinets?

When choosing the best kitchen cabinet, you should pay attention to the color, material quality, design, pattern, and functionality of the kitchen cabinet. In this way, you will not only have functional kitchen cabinets with a large interior volume but also have long-lasting and durable cabinets.

How to choose the best kitchen cabinet materials?

When choosing kitchen cabinet material, you should pay attention to its quality. The highest quality kitchen cabinets are produced using MDF material. Apart from this, PVC, lacquered or acrylic cabinets with wooden coating are also among the best kitchen cabinets.

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